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    Self Writeous presents a writer’s journey from his born motherland, Taiwan, to his reborn motherland, New York City, with many places in between. During this bicultural and bilingual transformation, C.K. Hugo Chung uses his writing to explore the quintessence of identity. Through personal essays, poetry, and short stories, he unflinchingly reveals his kaleidoscopic observations on arts, family, history, literature, politics, and sexuality. In this intimate collection, his writeousness is not just a play on words; it manifests his poetic exploration of creative and personal freedom.

    TWG Press is an independent publishing company for locally developed English literature in Taiwan. Supported by Taipei Writer’s Group, an English literary collective of both expatriate and local writers, the company was incorporated in 2016. Since 2014, TWG Press has published five anthologies, available in both electronic formats (via Amazon) and paperbacks.
    台北外籍作家團體 (Taipei Writers’ Group),是一扶植台灣本土英文文學創作作品的團體。自2015年開始,協助居住在台灣的外籍作家獨立出版小說與詩集;並從2016年開始,透過亮點國際影業,成立了TWG PRESS。

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    C.K. Hugo Chung is Taiwanese by nature. New Yorker by nurture. His essays, poetry and short stories, written in both Chinese and English, can be found in various bilingual publications. He is a co-founder of the NYC-based writers’ collective, Writeous. He is a proud member of Taipei Writers’ Group, and the managing editor of TWG Press. This is his first English literary collection.
    旅居紐約12年,鍾政光自2006年開始,用英文發表自己的文學創作,並合創了一詩集創作團體,Writeous。目前他積極參與 Taipei Writers’ Group 與 TWG Press 的運作,持續用中英文出版寫作。這是他第一本英文文學作品集。
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    TWG Press: https://www.facebook.com/TWGpress
    Instagram: @ckhugowriteous
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    頁數 / 208
    裝訂 / 平裝
    級別 / 普
    語言 / 中英對照



    PROLOGUE / 書寫之前
    I Am Not Your Ching-Chung-Chong

    Slices of Apple
    Capital Thoughts
    Rock, River and Tree
    In the Woods
    Lady Lazarus and Everything
    A Hearty Nympho
    Little Black Mess
    Old Flame
    Paris Is Burning 2009
    Paris Is Burning 2014
    Parisian Habit
    Cote D’Azur
    Lust, Caution

    MY REFLECTION / 我的思考
    Happy, Together / 春光,乍洩
    Summer Charm
    Home Trilogy
    Distant Gaze
    Spring on a White Horse
    Let Us Do This Again Sometime
    On Love, Miscellaneously
    Museum Visit
    The Food at our Feet
    Self Help Series
    On Self-Possession
    There Were No Flowers Tonight
    A Tale of Broken States

    YOUNG GODS / 我的渴望
    The Son
    The Bridge
    The Machos
    The Ho
    In the Mood

    EPILOGUE / 收筆之後
    Writeous Corner / 書寫之角


    I started my literary writing career in 2006 when I still lived in New York City. I’d like to use a different language to express myself, and explore my lifelong obsession of individual identity in a bicultural aspect. This collection represents a summary of my creative journey for the last twelve years. I plan to continue it by revising the book every few years as a manifestation of self writeousness, inspired by Walt Whitman and his Leaves of Grass.



     (At the peak of Jade Mountain / 在玉山之頂)
    Clouds encompass my body from all angles 
    Muddle my warrior focus 
    Cast over a prey net 
    Drown me in an amorphous flood  
    Always watch out for the dark clouds 
    They sidle up, close in, tangle, tighten, pull hard  
    blind my sight, resulting in afflicting tremors 
    all the way down into an abyss 
    I should have been ready to give in 
    Let the vast whiteness to devour my conscience 
    No joint can be spared, nor any membrane  
    A personal sacrifice will be served to break out of a curse 
    Head up, slow rise, create some mental distance 
    Leave the blur behind 
    Climb higher, get out of the mass, secure a bird-view 
    In full trust of my instincts 
    Rise above the fog 
    Dispel the chilly smog 
    Seek a clarity that can only be experienced  
    At the tip of a vortex  
    (Will I be able to resist the loneliness when standing on top) 
    至少景緻是份冰冷的美 (At least the view over there manifests its wintry beauty) 
    春光再美好,天空不總蔚藍 (Even though the sky doesn't always have its limit) 
    In clouds nothing stands out 
    But they are always broken up, shattered into glittery dots of promises 
    I learn to enjoy them, with a personal prayer, until the end